Recoded – Landscape and politics in New Media conference at Aberdeen Uni

Attended Friday (24th) session of this conference, it also ran on Saturday which I would have really liked to attend, after the experience of the Friday, much thought provoking stuff in a very convivial atmosphere. Very textual oriented so it made for some difficult understanding but a stimulating experience.
Friedrich Kittler – euro history to today’s digital, seems like inventive ideas always existed just mediated through progressive technology.
Regene Debatty – put forward artistic ideas dealing with surveillance, lots of ideas and tricks, lots of students dealing with this stuff. supervision performance.
Trevor Paglen – black installations and CIA conspiracy he’s probably being watched as we speak. highlight Ansel Adams photos close up with installation.
Julia Scher – interesting to see her speak in Aberdeen, about various projects, repository of ideas JFK, Location is outwith studio.
Kriss Ravetto – ran through Lozano-Hammer video installation, which created an interactive matrix for audience, tech probs skillfully accommodated

This session was the most interesting for me in terms of artistic/curatorial practice, through text publishing, exhibitions, websites, databases and categorizing.


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