In the article, ‘The Curator’s Task: Opening up Space and Time’ , Mary Jane Jacob comments on the relationship of the audience to art and explains that the curated experience needs to be “a more open ended one and less formally interpreted and directed by the museums”. The project ‘should not just be an exploration of direction or substantiating a thesis, proposition or locating an answer but about going deeper and seeing where it goes’, so this is about projects that you do, letting them go and see what happens, giving things time to evolve and develop. Its also about the time to give people the experience the work, which is again another thing, which is also related to the text by Lindsay Hughes, where she discusses viewing art as an experience, illustrating the point by the experience of visiting the Saatchi collection when it was housed in County Hall, central London. The artworks was displayed and there was nowhere to sit and contemplate the work, its as though he was showing what he had acquired, and not enabling people the time to get to know the work, Jacob also talks about the time the artist has taken to make the work, they have taken the time to make the work so you must give the audience the time to view it and experience the work. These ideas are close to my own ideas of curating an experience, Hughes talks about not having a space or needing a space, her text is called, do we need new spaces for experiencing contemporary art there’s dissatisfaction with curatorial practice today, with some critics suggesting a need for a deeper understanding of audiences and their engagement with art practice the article aims to consider and examine types of curatorial practice which focuses on the viewers engagement.

1 The Curator’s Task: Opening up Space and Time Curator 49 no3 283-6 Jl 2006;hwwilsonid=XAGZXO4KQ0HJLQA3DIKSFGOADUNGIIV0 accessed 15/5/08



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