Shadow Curating project with students

I am currently involved with a project with Deveron Arts, Huntly as part of their Shadow Curating exercises. I was invited by Claudia Zeiske of Deveron Arts to play the shadow role to the Mozambique artist, Gemuce’s Credit Crunch project. I started to connect with Gemuce over the summer by email but it was only since he arrived in Huntly in October that any substantial connections and discussions could be made. The Shadow role is essentially one of questioning the curatorial decisions that Deveron Arts makes with Gemuce’s project. In early November I also invited a group of my Masters students at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen to join my team and become a shadow curator as well. This has manifested in the students and myself, setting up an online project space to place ideas, research, archive material of our thoughts and discussions
My own discussion with Claudia has developed as an online meeting through Skype which is documented as we go, and so has a already transcribed document of the meeting –
We will be taking part in Gemuce’s final presentation of his Kalabash Bank of Ideas in Huntly on 10th December


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