Shadow Curating with Deveron Arts

An output from the Shadow Curating project with Deveron Arts, took place last week in Huntly Square at the Xmas evening fair. Myself and the Grays student group produced a Museum of Monetary Ambiguity (MOMA). A display of our own selected objects to share with the crowd, not selling anything, but giving something for free in the form of our objects and narratives. In reflection, the Shadow curating experience with Deveron Arts was easy and had good spontaneity to it. It wasn’t restrictive or really that challenging. The method of shadowing (at a distance) gave us a backdoor into the production of the main Calabash Bank project by Gemuce. Throughout the project I also had a Skype conversation with Claudia Zeiske where we discuss the development and outcome of the project. This has led to some interesting discussion, not so much about the actual making of the project but as an analysis of the ideas, meaning and connected contexts and issues raised. The discussion of the sense of value and quality in art projects and how artists and community can gain from the work done appeared to be an important subject for the organisation. The value of experience with the artists and the community is key, as opposed to selling product.

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