GI: Glycemic Index

Took the Grays MA students down to Glasgow last Thursday for a trip around the Glasgow International Visual Art Festival. Seemed like a lot to see but we only got to 3 venues – Kelvingrove/David Shrigley, Hunterian/ Joseph Beuys and Tramway with Christoph Büchel/Douglas Gordon – all worthwhile but I wanted to see Linder.

But we are the emancipated spectators, impassive and lapping it up, drinking it in to our own individual experiences, to be spat out in the back of a cab on the way to the next venue, fresh for a new smoothie. Büchel is a grittier physical experience than Hirschhorn – Gordon is very smooth, sublime, toxic and super sexy – Shrigley has become the jumping dog for the establishment, what a laugh, sadly toned down for the masses, where is the blackness, the gates to hell, the disturbing dreamlike freaks?  that poor dog. A Museum like, A National Gallery like and the damaged rebuild of no nonsense labratory.


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