Where to from here?

Summary statement
My objectives are to continue to define the craft and occupation of independent curatorial practice through research of cultural theory and creative and professional practice. This will be defined through a critical analysis of the cultural intermediary/cultural entrepreneur, as discussed by Bourdieu, Adorno, Negus, Hesmondhalgh, Schumpeter and Grenfell and Hardy. This will define the theoretical underpinning to my thesis. Research and analysis of the collaborations between independent curators and contemporary art institutions will be developed and conducted. My methods will be to collaborate with a contemporary art institution in Scotland (ie. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh or DCA, Dundee) and independent curators who have worked with these institutions. Research outputs will be produced through a process of observation interviews and texts. This research should lead to new knowledge of the values (economic, social and cultural), which are produced through these collaborations and will be of benefit to students, practitioners and industry. I will also continue to develop experimental curatorial projects as a practice, integrate my research formally into my scholarly role at Gray’s, through the UG Critical and Contextual Studies programme and Masters seminar programme and seek opportunities to test and disseminate my research through publications and conferences. 


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