10 minutes to make Art

“The phone rings. There’s some practical business to be attended to. “The way I work , it’s not isolated.” he says. “I never feel alone. You’ve got the support of the gallery, assistants and fabricators. Every exhibition feels like a team effort. I find that in the process of making exhibitions you’re just dealing with stuff. It’s difficult as an artist to feel you’re producing something like icons. I’m just trying to make something work. It only becomes the art about 10 minutes before the show opens.”

This is an ending quote from Moira Jeffery’s article with Martin Boyce in the Scotland on Sunday today.

I enjoy Martin’s work and aesthetic and this is an interesting thing to say and think about but , does this therefore mean that everyone involved in bringing the stuff together has authorship of the art and what happens between the stuff and the artist in the last ten minutes? why 10 minutes? why not a tenth of a second? does the art not exist once the show is public and there is an audience to see it?. I would like to know what happens when the art doesn’t transpire in the last ten minutes, if its not there where is it, if anywhere?, or does it always exist one way or another, good or bad, it needs to; what happens if it doesn’t appear, do you pack all the stuff back up and not open the show? Surely all the art has been decided on before any of this, way back when the artist was commissioned/curated/selected, had decided to become an artist.


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