Mike Kelley

I am a big fan of Kelley’s work, so his death this week is sad to hear about.

LA Post Obituary

Some memories of my encounters with his work were, while at the CCA, Glasgow in the 90’s I used to hire his video’s from Electronic Arts Intermix, and show them in the centre, as we never saw this work on show and wanted to experience his world. He was also included in the Obrist curated  Do It exhibition at the CCA in June/July 1995. The exhibition was based on instructions which we shared amongst the staff to make. I worked with performance tech Bob Pringle on capturing the sound of a potential ghost in the ABC cinema next door for the Mike Kelley piece. We were asked to find a place where someone thought that they had seen a ghost. Apparently a projectionist had killed themselves in the cinema during a Christmas party in the 1960’s and the current cleaners thought they had felt his presence. So we followed Kelley’s instructions to use a reel to reel tape recorder, recording through a sound proofed box at a slow rate. The sounds were then sped up and played back in the gallery so that through the white noise some sounds of the ghost could be heard – we did think there was something there. Kelley asked for the tape which I sent to him, I think he was going to compile them all together. I also think he was included in a touring print show from the Southbank at Duff House in Banff, Aberdeenshire in 2002/3.


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