Augmented reality curating

The recent Gray’s DART Research seminar on Wednesday was presented by my colleagues Paul Thompson and Jon Pengelly where Paul presented his very interesting current research on post physical printmaking. He introduced us to the work he was doing with augmented reality, (which is all new to me as I don’t own or use an iphone etc) but through his work, which places his virtual print work in selected places, then viewed via iphone/ipad made me start to consider the use of this process and media to curate projects, enabling a visual of my hypothetical curating.

Is it interesting to ‘place’ artworks in selected environments in such a process, but then only being accessed through these devices? On one hand you are/need to be in a physical environment therefore experiencing reality, and hence enabling any artwork to be virtually placed in reality – safely in nature outwith institutions, mmm could work, but a bit like watching a live concert through your phone.

Bit of a search led to which is interesting being able to place artwork around the world, but the virtual artwork seems as much as I can tell, not very interesting as forms/ideas. Need to be there I presume.

location-based-virtual-art-curation-turns-to-augmented-reality post

Although this use to alter what is there in reality is interesting and has a more critical purpose.
All very moderne and urbane.


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